International Hiring: Beyond the Myths

What is International Hiring?

International hiring transcends geographical boundaries to identify and onboard talent from around the world. Unlike remote hiring, which can source candidates from nearby or across continents, international recruitment typically implies hiring someone overseas, often necessitating visas and relocation to the hiring company’s country.

This method prioritizes skills and expertise over geography, but it also presents challenges unique to global processes, such as varying legalities, cultural nuances, and differing market expectations. Companies venturing into international hiring need to understand these intricacies and the benefits they stand to reap.

Access to a Vast Talent Pool  

Expanding your recruitment internationally allows you to tap into diverse expertise unavailable within local confines. By accessing talents globally, companies can bridge existing skill gaps, fostering innovation with varied perspectives and knowledge bases.

Economic Viability

Hiring from international markets, especially developing nations, often leads to reduced employability costs. With efficient global employment solutions, businesses can avoid hefty overheads while benefiting from competitive pay scales and operational efficiencies.

Boosted Productivity and Operational Hours

Diverse time zones mean businesses can function round-the-clock, ensuring continuous output and faster turnaround times, a key advantage in industries needing 24/7 customer support.

Agility in Problem Solving

A global workforce introduces varied backgrounds and experiences, facilitating robust problem-solving strategies, collaborative brainstorming, and innovative solutions.

Expansion and Branding Opportunities

International hiring paves the way to explore new markets. Employing natives of a target market can enhance understanding of local demands, overcome language barriers, and integrate products seamlessly into foreign landscapes, solidifying an international brand image.

We now have the benefit of international hiring as well as a general sense of what it can provide for any employer. But even then, international hiring seems so daunting. In this part, we break down any misconception that international hiring has and give the truth of each myth provided.

Myth #1: Legal Entities are Mandatory for Global Hiring

A common misconception is the absolute need for a local entity to hire abroad. While some nations mandate local presence, solutions like Employer of Record services provide an avenue to hire without diving into administrative intricacies.

What is an EOR you may ask? It is an “organization that handles all responsibilities for hiring employees.” The workers that an EOR provides to the company become their employer since they manage even the payroll. 

Myth #2: International Recruitment is Time-consuming

Many believe that global hiring involves prolonged processes and hefty paperwork. However, with expert EOR services, hiring can be efficient, sometimes concluding in as little as 10 days. They handle all of the obstacles such as local labor laws.

Myth #3: Remote Workers Aren’t as Productive

Contrary to belief, studies have consistently shown remote workers often outperform their in-office counterparts in terms of productivity. This is due in part to the myriad of benefits remote workers have, such as eliminating commuting, which is a large factor in a worker’s stress. 

Myth #4: Effective Communication is Impossible in Global Teams

While communication in global teams might seem daunting, tools and practices like asynchronous communication can streamline collaboration across time zones.

Myth #5: Diverse Teams Pose Unnecessary Challenges

Lastly, while diversity might introduce variances, it’s these very differences that drive innovation, present fresh perspectives, and open avenues for strategic growth, making global teams a valuable asset.

Portugal, with its favorable living conditions and progressive visa options, emerges as a top destination for digital nomads. From its welcoming climate and landscapes to its economic advantages and state-of-the-art infrastructure, it serves as a comprehensive package for those seeking a harmonious blend of work and leisure. For employers, understanding this landscape can be pivotal in integrating and collaborating with this growing segment of the global workforce.

Global People is a leading local employment solutions provider for national and international corporations and can advise and escort you in your next destination.


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