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Whether you are an up and coming start-up looking to explore international markets after a successful IPO, or a global company planning to benefit from professionals overseas, we are there for you, ensuring you can get it done promptly and be ahead of the competition.

We provide PEO Services for national and international corporations in Israel, Singapore, China, Austria, Lithuania, Czech Republic & Italy. Our company offers singular expertise in the High Tech, IT, Cyber, FinTech, and BioTech industries.

What is a PEO?

PEO (also known as EOR – Employment of record) stands for Professional Employment Organization. PEO services aim at providing comprehensive, full proof and cost-effective employment services for national and international corporations operating in global markets.

Global People act as a PEO and as an employer of record for local talents and experts in leading local markets while providing all HR services, such as administrating payroll and benefit plans.

Global People PEO benefits at your service

International companies wishing to expand overseas meet legal, financial and regulatory challenges.
Our global PEO (or EOR) services meet all of those challenges and ensure our clients sustainable, compliant
and risk-free HR services with a significant added value: 

We make it simple

While our clients penetrate offshore markets, we make it simple for them to start operating and employing local staff through us and avoid delays caused by establishing local entities.

A clear and comprehensive budget forecast

We created a robust payroll simulator allowing you to get a comprehensive and sustainable HR budget forecast that ensures full control.

We make sure you are compliant

Our PEO services provide you with full compliance with local regulations in all aspects: employment law and regulations, mandatory benefits, and employment tax.

You are an employer of choice

Local markets have specific benefit regulations and industry benchmarks that must be met to hire and retain chosen employees. Our local experts are well versed in local regulations and local business culture, ensuring that you will become an employer of choice.

A better ROI on HR

PEO services are one of the most effective ways to ensure significant ROI on your HR investment by outsourcing costly regulatory compliance expenses.

We make global PEO work for you

Our global team of local experts has a track record of customizing global PEO services of various client’s needs.

We make PEO work for you and your global strategy by implementing a unique action plan
that grants you full compliance with local regulations and robust HR infrastructure to suit your goals:

We create a comprehensive HR strategy, including salary simulations and budget forecasts.

We formulate an extensive benefits plan including mandatory and industry benchmark benefit.

Our legal advisers form a compliant contract envisaging your policy and organizational culture.

After signing the contracts, we become the employer of record.

We onboard the employee and manage all ongoing HR services for you.

We update you with all changes and evolutions market and act when needed.

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