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Lithuania Work Benefits 

Considered one of the cheapest countries to visit, Lithuania boasts attractions enticing to any individual. Alongside its affordable prices, the country is renowned for its magnificent nature; with its numerous species of berries to the incredible view of its lakes and rivers, people will be taken aback by its exquisite beauty.

It also boasts the fastest public Wi-Fi with an average download speed of 15.4mbps and an upload speed of 14mbps. A fantastic benefit for day-to-day use.

Not only are the price and Wi-Fi the sole reasons for Lithuania’s excellent accommodation, but it is also an avenue for businesses to grow. From its ranking in the top 30 for tech startups in 2019 to its large number of international companies, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a breeding ground for businesses in the technological sector.


With enterprises comes the benefits of your workers; here are some of the countless advantages of employees working in Lithuania.


Maternity Benefit


In cases where complications or multiple births occur, there will be an additional 14 days of financial compensation to the mothers.


The payment is equal to 77.58% of the mother’s earnings. 


Paternity Benefit


Much like the maternity benefit, the calculation for the paternity benefit is equal to 77.58% of an individual’s earnings.

Minimum Wage

The country has a per hour rate of €4.47 and a monthly salary of €730, a massive increase from last year, which saw an announcement from the Lithuanian government increasing the earlier rate to €88.


Work Hours

Much like the regulations of other countries, the average work hour of an individual is 8 hours per day and five days a week.

Health Insurance



  • Right to choose their doctors and health institution.
  • 100% reimbursement for prosthetics, cochlear implants, and hearing aids
  • 100% reimbursement for the medical devices used at home

Sick Pay


  • Covered with social insurance
  • Temporary incapacitation due to illness or injury and unable to work
  • Suspension of work due to an epidemic
  • Absent of work through illness

Most individuals can easily claim their sick pay on the first day of incapability to work.



  • Financial compensation from the employer for the first two days and from the State Social Insurance Fund Board (SoDra) budget for the third day

The stipend should not be less than 62.06% of the worker’s average wage and not higher than 100%.


Long Term Care


The long-term care system is not dependent on age, so even children can apply for this right.



  • Services to enhance the quality of life of the individual (palliative care)
  • Financial compensation for the services used 
  • Various assistance via social workers from the local government
  • Monthly monetary payment of EUR 304.20 for the nursing cost

The local government handles the application for long-term care with requirements needed, such as a certificate regarding your health; and personal identification.


  • Insured for at least 12 months in the last 30 months preceding the signing at the Employment Service
  • Employed under a contract or working at the Lithuanian armed forces
  • Taking childcare leave looking after children between 1 to 3 years old
  • A parent of a disabled person or their guardian

The entire list of eligibility is located here


There are conditions to receiving unemployment benefits. Some of them are:

  • You would need to be unemployed and of working age
  • Not currently taking up education (exception for high school students)
  • Registered at the Employment Service
  • Not a recipient of other social security benefits such as sickness or family benefits


  • A calculated financial compensation using a two-sum system.

The first sum is a fixed value of 23.27% of the minimum monthly wage of Lithuania. The second is 38.79% of the average monthly income of the individual for the first three months, 31.03% for the next 3, and 23.27% for the following three months.


The calculated average monthly income of the individual is 30 months before registering in the Employment Services. 

The myriad of benefits in Lithuania, in nature and work, provides its citizens with a good standard of living. Whether they may need special needs or are unemployed, the benefits stated here supply a general gist of what the country has to offer.

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