France: How To Efficiently Hire Employees

Benefits of Hiring and Starting A Business in France

Ranked third in terms of GDP in 2021, setting up a business in France has a lot of benefits for your company. 

Firstly, they have a remarkable technological sector in the country, with the Sophia Antipolis technology park comparable to the likes of Silicon Valley.

Furthermore, the country is setting up initiatives to set up business in the country easier. With their president, Emmanuel Macron, pushing the narrative of making France a “startup nation.”

The country is also a tourism hotspot in Europe. Therefore, setting up a business in the country can attract potential customers.

Additionally, an expansion of their visa will commence for businesses in the technological sector. Deemed as the French Tech Visa, it is for non-EU startup members to have the right to residence in the country. It also does not need the applicants to have a diploma and is renewable after expiration in four years. 

Knowing the benefits needed for your employee is a must for following the country’s laws.

The country’s minimum wage per hour as of May 1, 2022, is now €10.85. However, if the employee is below 18 years old, the required payment decreases. Another factor is how long they have worked for the country. 


An example is a payment for individuals aged 17 years old. If they have worked for less than six months in the company, they can only be paid about 80% of the minimum wage. 


Working Hours and Overtime Pay

Employees must not work more than 35 hours. If they exceed the limit, they will be compensated via overtime pay


The first eight hours of overtime is 125 percent of the worker’s base salary. Additional hours after that equates to 150 percent.

France mandates the employer to give workers five weeks minimum of paid vacation annually. 


Moreover, holidays differ in how the collective bargaining agreement or CBA branch gives the term. 

Employers must give their employees private health insurance. The determined amount to be paid comes from the CBA. 

Employees must receive 50% of their salary for the first six months of getting sick. However, not all employees can have this benefit. They first must have a minimum of 150 hours in the company. 


Additionally, workers that have 600 hours of work in the year can have an extension of the benefit.

Employees who commute to the business must be compensated with 50% of their fees.

If your company does not have a canteen or any establishment that serves food, employers must give lunch allowance for your employees for them to eat at local eateries.

Need For An Accountant

There are some types of businesses in France where an accountant would be mandatory. 


Companies that need an accountant are the Societe Anonyme (SA), which is equivalent to a corporation in the United States, Societe par Actions Simplefiees (SAS), and Societe a Responsabilite Limitee (SARL). The SAS differ from the SARL by the maximum number of partners they can have. The SARL has a max of 100, while the SAS has an unlimited amount. 


Qualified Workers 

France has a deficit of highly qualified workers. Therefore, businesses can struggle to find potential employees due to the lack of individuals entering the field.


Marketing Job Openings

With finding employees in France, most of them tend to use “word-of-mouth” as the primary advertisement. You can also use the government service Pôle Emploi. They can announce your opening for you and aid potential employees by directing them toward your business.


Collective Bargaining Agreements

The CBA is a contract between an employer and the union. In France, unions are a part of their culture. Therefore, being aware of the agreed-upon contract will ensure that no miscommunication and irregularities may occur.

France has one of the best economies globally and has myriad opportunities for your company to grow. You must pay close attention to the benefits and agreements that have been commenced with an employer since there are many laws and regulations that favor more for the employee rather than the employer.

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