Employment Trends In The United States

Why Employ From The United States?

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The United States is one of the best countries to start a business. For starters, they are the biggest economy in the world, with a whopping $20.95 trillion as of 2020. With this in mind, their economy is also stable with a market, investors, and businesspeople trust.


Furthermore, the U.S market involves a population of about 300 million, which means you already have an advantage due to the large population that the country has. Add to the 300 million are the various trade agreements from 20 countries that provide more foreign markets for businesses in the United States.


Another aspect is their outstanding intellectual property rights. Compared to other countries, they are top one as of 2022, with an intellectual property index of 95.48, according to Statista. Thus, the ideas you have will be protected by the United States.

The advantages noted above are only some of the factors why the United States is an excellent country to start a business. With starting a business comes the employment of the country’s workforce. Therefore, let us dive deeper into what employment trends have been happening in the country in 2022.

An article by CNBC stated that about 50% of job seekers evaluate the company’s values and stances on different factors and weigh them accordingly if they decide to get the job position or not.


The reasoning comes that with a similar set of values, they feel that any individual can feel safe in the company’s environment. Therefore, it promotes an inclusive workforce, free from discrimination.


Furthermore, shared values set clear goals and milestones that resonate with everyone in the team, letting them be more motivated to work.


Moreover, the article states that about 40% of workers said they would likely quit their job due to political stance differences. 


Therefore, letting potential employees know your company’s core values is essential to see if they are a right fit not only for the position but also for the culture of your business.

Many people, amidst the economic effect of the coronavirus and other world affairs, stated that about 57% of workers are actively searching for new employment for better compensation.


Likewise, 60% of employees stated that they would find another company if the removal of benefits such as flexible work setup and work from home commences.

The number of people with no jobs has increased compared to before, with them filing for unemployment benefits totaling 235,000, an increase of 4,000 from the previous period.


Moreover, a report from firms such as Challenger, Gray & Christmas stated that arranged dismissals skyrocketed in June, numbering about 32,517, an increase of 57%, beating the previous percentage last February of 2021.


Furthermore, job cuts have occurred, with an increase of 39%, sectors such as the automotive, real estate, entertainment, and financial being some of the higher likelihood of job cuts.


With this in mind, a company can potentially have capable and talented individuals looking for jobs. You would need the right benefits and culture for them to be under your business.

As stated above, an increase in layoffs has occurred in the country. Other businesses have also done job openings to garner the right individuals for their company. 


But with numerous job openings, individuals quitting their jobs has also increased. Luckily, according to an economist at Indeed, Nick Bunker, the rate of people leaving has slowed, albeit a bit minuscule. An increase in benefits and higher pay is one factor why these individuals find other potential jobs.

With one of the largest economies in the world, Germany boasts a myriad of benefits in starting a company there. The current employment climate is in a stable state with possible changes in the future. However, the changes iterated above still show the positive stability that the country has to offer.

The coronavirus effectively changed the landscape of how people work. The setup for remote work is going to stay for a long time. A survey done by McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey shows that a large majority of Americans (about 80%) welcome the work-from-home setup.


Another aspect of the survey shows that the significant factors as to how job seekers choose their company to work with are: higher pay, better opportunities, and lastly, flexible working arrangement. 

The United States is a country that is among the economically best and the most stable in the world. With the several worldwide factors bombarding the nation, the current employment climate is challenging but potentially rewarding. The increase of job seekers can garner your company the right boost to be competitive in your sector.


Moreover, having the right benefits to entice the individuals you are looking for can definitely pay off in the long run with your workforce having incredible talent and potential.

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