Unlocking Diversity Hiring Technology: A Guide For Employers

Leveraging Diversity Hiring Technology

Diversity hiring technology has become a cornerstone in fostering inclusive workplaces. Embracing unbiased recruitment practices, ensures candidates are assessed based on skills, not demographics. 

This modern approach encompasses a wide spectrum, including women, veterans, and the LGBTQIA+ community, fostering a more innovative and varied workforce.

1. iMocha: Skills Assessment Platform

  • Powered by AI
  • Features multiple reviewer capabilities
  • Can create custom skill-based tests

2. Fetcher: Recruitment Automation Platform

  • Specific diversity goal search optimizations
  • Provides demographic data on candidates
  • Integration with multiple apps

3. TestGorilla: Pre-employment Testing Platform

  • The test library contains 170 skill tests for job-specific needs
  • Custom tests for an individual’s personality and culture add potential

4. Entelo: Diversity Sourcing

  • Filter system for diversity
  • Dedicated talent marketplace

5. SeekOut: Diversity Sourcing

  • Features blind hiring modules to remove biases
  • Hides certain information about candidates
  • Provides data on candidates and your company’s diversity

6. ClearCompany: End-to-end Talent Management Platform

  • Goal, Progress tracking, and success metric features
  • Has applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Report and analysis for inclusive hiring

7. Entelo Diversity: Diversity Sourcing

  • Social media algorithm search feature
  • Candidate multiple source profile creation
  • Not for blind recruitment

8. Textio: Job Description Writing

  • Collects data using AI
  • Modifies job descriptions and job postings to reach the target audience
  • Activity dashboard feature

9. EmployDiversity: Job Board

  • Blind pre-employment screening
  • Online platform for candidates to check employer’s job openings
  • Unbiased job descriptions

10. PowerToFly: Online Recruiting Platform

  • Features customizable templates for inclusive job descriptions
  • Companies can create a career page on their platform
  • Diversity filters and features about 35M+ diverse candidates

Now that we have talked about the tools that you can use for diversity hiring, lets talk about the different strategies to gain such a goal. 

In today’s rapidly evolving work landscape, cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce is essential for fostering innovation, creativity, and overall business success. 

To effectively implement diversity hiring strategies, it is crucial to set clear goals and establish measurable metrics to track progress. 

As with any business initiative, success hinges on understanding the specific objectives and how to gauge achievement. The following strategies provide actionable insights into enhancing diversity recruitment.

Setting Clear Goals and Metrics

Begin by defining your diversity hiring goals and establishing measurable metrics. 

Whether it’s increasing the representation of women in technical roles or fostering a multicultural workforce, having a clear vision is paramount. 

Metrics could include the current diversity landscape within your organization and a quantifiable target for improvement. 

For instance, if you aim to boost the number of women in technical roles, identify the current ratio and set a realistic yet ambitious goal for improvement.

Improving Diversity in Sourcing

To build a truly diverse workforce, it’s essential to promote inclusivity right from the sourcing stage. A holistic approach to this involves critically evaluating your job advertisements and making language adjustments to appeal to a broader range of candidates. 

Consider inclusive language that transcends specific demographic experiences, ensuring a welcoming tone for all potential applicants.


  • Audit Your Job Ads: Review past recruitment ads to identify language that may inadvertently exclude certain demographics. Craft inclusive job ads that explicitly convey your commitment to diversity and why your company is an ideal fit for a wide range of candidates.


  • Target Diverse Sources: Expand your candidate pool by diversifying your sources. Rather than relying on familiar channels, explore online and offline groups dedicated to underrepresented talent, such as women in technology. Actively seek out opportunities to connect with candidates from different backgrounds to enrich your talent pipeline.


  • Employee Referral Programs: Leverage the diverse networks within your existing team by implementing a diverse candidate referral program. Encourage current employees from underrepresented groups to refer candidates and provide them with the necessary tools to promote the company effectively. This not only enhances your recruitment strategy but also fosters a sense of inclusion among current and potential team members.

Mentoring Programs for Diverse Talent

Hiring diverse talent is just the beginning; it’s equally crucial to create a supportive and inclusive workplace environment. 

Implementing a mentoring program specifically designed for diverse talent can significantly contribute to their professional growth and overall satisfaction within the organization.


  • Launch a Diversity Mentoring Program: Establish a mentoring program connecting junior employees, especially those from diverse backgrounds, with seasoned leaders across the organization. These mentors serve as guides, advisors, and sources of critical support, providing valuable feedback and coaching.


  • Proactive Outreach to Underrepresented Candidates: Addressing the disparities in opportunities for underrepresented groups is a proactive step toward building a more diverse workplace. Take deliberate actions to reach out to candidates from these groups through platforms like LinkedIn and freelancer networks.


  • Build an Inclusive Employer Brand: Create an employer brand that reflects your commitment to diversity and inclusion. An inclusive employer brand not only attracts diverse talent but also contributes to positive workplace experiences.

Incorporating diversity hiring technology is imperative for cultivating inclusive workplaces. These tools, ranging from skills assessments to AI-driven recruitment platforms, empower employers to build diverse and innovative teams. 

By eliminating unconscious bias and fostering transparent, inclusive practices, organizations can create a workforce that reflects the richness of varied perspectives.

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