Everything you need to know about successful expansion into Singapore

Get our comprehensive tool box for a successful
penetration into the Singaporean market

Global People and Zaks Group is proud to invite you to learn about:

  • The unique benefits that Singapore holds for expanding into Asia 
  • How to hire local professionals and talents
  • what is the Singaporean benchmark?
  • how to become a preferred employer in Singapore.


Come and find out more on why you should consider Singapore if you are interested in expanding into Asia, What to look for when hiring your first person on the ground and what considered as an attractive and rewarding salary package. 

Learn more about the difference between success and failure when starting a new operation in Singapore.

What to look for when hiring your first person in Singapore and what considered as an attractive and rewarding salary package.  

Global People, founded in 2008, is a leading local employment solutions provider for national and international corporations, specializing in Singapore.
We focus on local markets that attract global businesses by allowing access to experts and talents, encouraging global activity and investments, and providing a clear and stable employment solutions.


135 Cecil Street #10-01 MYP Plaza, 
Singapore 069536, Singapore

ZACK Group is a boutique recruitment agency specializing in helping US, Israeli and European startups land and expand into Asia.
Our core focus areas are Sales, Executive, Technical and Business Services Hires.
We are headquartered in Australia and recruit across Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and the emerging markets of Asia.


14 Robinson Road
#13-00 Far East Finance Building
Singapore 04854

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